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The Phone Call by William Taylor, Jr.

She calls me on the phone to say
she misses me even though it’s been
five years
says it helps just to hear
my voice
says she’s the same little girl
she’s always been
tells me about her new tattoos
and her latest scars
how she’s been in and out of hospitals
5 times in the last
9 months
with all the drinking and
half assed
suicide attempts
says her boyfriend threw away all
my letters
and it’s been years since anyone’s told her
she was beautiful
says she’ll probably never see me again
and if she’s caught talking to me
there will be trouble
she laughs nervously
you know how it is
but what can you do
what can you do
she says she wants me to be happy
and yet…
she’s quiet a moment then says
you know you broke
my heart, fucker,
you broke it good
I’ve always wanted to
tell you that.

she sighs
says my name three times and then
hangs up.

you sometimes imagine the world
no longer has the power to
hurt you in that special way

and you’re always wrong.

View bio for William Taylor, Jr. Published in Summer 2004

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