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Second Cousin Edna Lee, or Tuesday Night at the Redmen’s Lodge #257 by Valerie MacEwan

You know who I’m talking about,
Her daughter graduated when we did.
Her picture’s in the annual,
at the back,
Same page as Earl’s.

They live in mobile home
That was part of her divorce settlement
in 1956.
He works at the munitions factory,
She’s a beauty operator
at Carla’s Hair Emporium.

He’s got two boys from his first marriage,
One’s serving five years for armed robbery,
The other married Linda Speck
And they have four kids
Under the age of five.

Her son Ronnie joined ROTC
In high school, freshman year,
Then followed LBJ to Vietnam,
His picture’s on the coffee table,
His name’s on a wall in DC.

Her daughter left in 1965
Calls once a month
And doesn’t leave her number.
But Ednalee acts like she’s next door
Coming for dinner that night.

Every Tuesday they’re at the Lodge
Before the coffee’s even made.
Picking out their cards,
Hers with a number 4 under B
and his with a 72 under the letter O,
because that’s when he met her
...In 1972.

View bio for Valerie MacEwan Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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