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Limitations and Lamentations by Susan Williams

‘Drive It Like You Stole It’
a red bumper sticker on a black
Monte Carlo, low riding driver
half-full from another bottle that’s
always half-empty, hair blowing out
the rolled down window, cigarette
rolled between his fingers, flicking
off the day’s smoldering ashes:
one first, maybe last word to a
condescending boss, what he lost
when he slammed the door and the
worn corner of his thoughts, flapping
like the loose bumper sticker with
what others wonder, wondered
and will forever wonder about his
talent, it’s misplacement or where
he’s going as fast as he’s going
there, makes me wonder—
how can you possibly
steer the sun
to shine on the road ahead
of a ride darkened by the tint of
weather-worn seasons, with no
reason to believe it was ever
a price worth paying?

View bio for Susan Williams Published in Winter 2004

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