Half Drunk Muse Poetry


Horoscope by Susan Williams

You hold the winning lottery ticket!
But don’t tell anyone.

You are not built to deal with heavy emotional
baggage. So don’t bother.

You may, unexpectedly, be looking for a new job. Don’t worry.

Today, you’ll meet the best lover you’ll ever know… and someone you wish you never did. Carefully determine who’s who before being introduced.

Have money matters gotten you down? Cash in any investments.

Expressing your feelings results in a black eye and bloody
nose. Don’t hold your feelings in a bottle!

As you sail along your day, know which way to tack.
No one likes a “know it all”.

You could finally be thinking clearly!
Rest your mind.

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View bio for Susan Williams Published in Winter 2004

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Half Drunk Muse was one of the first poetry ezines. It was founded in 1999 and ceased publication in 2006.

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