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When Midnight Screams by Robert Levin

When midnight screams
Like a diamond in the bright sun
Your face glows—
Never mind the halo of blue darkness
The streets live wild
Yet they remain as empty as the late night hour
And televisions keep blaring away
While the neighbors pray to their dreams
So I walk the city streets
Blind because the lights have burned out
Like the vision in my soul
A staggering mess

But I can feel the touch of your spirit
It breathes on me like a warm breeze
I’m guided onward
I’m filled with the steel of bone

Still, sad as I may be
Glorious as I may want to be
I pretend to hear laughter
I pretend to walk by your side
Our fingers twisted together
Clutching, grabbing, holding on
Then I look but find the street still empty
No place to hide from the rain
Just another long walk home
With dawn to greet me on my doorstep
While the neighbors’ televisions still blare away

View bio for Robert Levin Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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