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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid by Rich Furman

Drown the silence with static,
hide from your lost brother the void,
say, in the idle chatter of a party,

talk of tech tips, compare Sonoma County Chardonnay,
or the drone of a talk show, learn how-
to find true love,

to pet your cat, or live through shame,
to confront to your parents-
they did not hug you enough.

Maybe attend a lecture
buy an autographed saving copy
from bleached teeth and encouragements.

Cower in a ball under the feet of the bulls
clobbering the cobblestone streets of Spain,
hide behind the bait box on a fishing boat

off the coast of Iceland,
strain to listen to the white bearded fisherman,
their hardy laugher as they spear fresh squid on their hooks,

wonder why you have turned gray,
ugly, forlorn,
and never have been alone.

View bio for Rich Furman Published in Summer 2004

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