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Rummy Park, 27 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

(Games Ghosts Play)

I will crush the bones
Of your unearthly silence on this matter
To a powder, fine and glitter bright
As these sugar island sands.
I will feed you this
In the mint that kisses your lamb
In dreams of bistros,
Peppered in your picnic chicken memory
Of heliotrope.
I will keep some in a locket
So when your head rests at my chest
In the forest,
And when, in the desert,
You taste your own breath,
The flavor is returned.
I spoke to him on the ferry.
Your name wasn’t mentioned.
I kissed him in a dream,
Upside-down and backwards.
You weren’t there
Red faced in the closet with a knife,
The border between the two of you
So blurring,
You could not emasculate the alien
For the fear of unsexing the self.

View bio for Rebecca Lu Kiernan Published in Spring 2006

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