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Picking at Scabs by Debbie Kirk

since when are poets philosophers?
But I mean they were ANGRY
at the words on the paper
like the bold type made them laws
and the nice paper made them holy.

take what you get
but that is not the point.
take what you get,
and then go.

From here to there
pick a word and say it seven times
skin your knee
when you fall
that way, people will know

cut it up
then glue it back together again
read it backwards
and argue with yourself
out loud
at a bus top

Are we truly lurking in the shadows
our only purpose
to record the picture
to paper
with our eyes closed?
Are we watchers
and not doers?

I ask you to think
ABOUT a box.
I ask you to look
THIS way.
I could ask you to
jump off a bridge.

So, next time don’t take it so seriously
when I say that
my lips bleed truth
unless you feel the blood
then baptize yourself
because I told you so

The letters can be picked at
like tics on the neighbors dog
scabs are everywhere
and we have an infestation.

But don’t take my word for it.

View bio for Debbie Kirk Published in Spring 2004

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