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Yellow Pauses by Michael Ladanyi

There are ghosts in her sleeping and placid
face, bearded and wounded ghosts
among the blue and white striped blanket
coiled beneath and around her bare
legs. They are hungry, lonely and mute,
guarding her still, though trembling,
hollow and gray. They grasp dull knives
that clank in her memory, slicing
inconsolable shadows, pricking the quiet,
creating a transparent motif of blind armies
that march in the lost lamplight of her
room. She sees through dreams in
bloated yellow pauses, her tricking wisp
of thought begging for warm places in
which to root, begin arteric patterns,
anything to free her from the fenced loss
she feels. She wakes long enough to
look at him, wondering why she stays.

View bio for Michael Ladanyi Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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