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Regimen by Martin Brick

Davenport ~ grandmother’s word for couch, try to use

Spot by the window up front ~ a) keep free of clutter b) drink morning coffee there

Cello ~ when you hurt, think of the cello, how the reverberations of its body used to pass into your legs

Eyes ~ when you shake hands, look at them, not the hand

Saturday Night ~ don’t cover your dress with a coat, I hate your coats, all of them

Radio ~ why are you on mother’s station again?

Initials ~ you were left next to W.S. on a park bench, I carved you out; you were left next to T.C. in far too many cards and letters, I burned you; you were adjoined to H.C.E. in a tipsy Scrabble game, scattered now; you were tattooed on N.C.’s arm, he’s probably seeking a new E.N.

Corduroy Coat ~ I’m sorry, I love you - your autumn Sundays beat any Saturday night

Turkish Rugs ~ start there and work the rest of the room around it

Cigarettes ~ dispose of, replace with pleasant thoughts, see CELLO above

Backgammon ~ learn (in lieu of Scrabble)

Rose Petals ~ a) on Valentine’s Day steal 2-3 petals from each flower received by each of those girls in the office b) bring home c) float in warm bath

The Century ~ crumbled, don’t let it show how you miss 1999 and before

Picket Fence ~ for those with houses

Prozac ~ refill

Off-moments Between Telephone and Laundry, Between MA thesis and blah-blah’s housewarming ~ recognize

St. Peter ~ pray for me

St. Jude ~ pray for me

St. Agnes ~ I want to dream

Camera Lens ~ look into, but sideways, and be that thing that they like to wrap their coiled minds around

Ophelia ~ poor role model

Fallen Leaves ~ gathered in father’s rain gutter, I clear to keep him off the ladder - they form a tea-like mix of life/death - where are my brothers to help? - they wouldn’t get it anyhow

View bio for Martin Brick Published in Spring and Summer 2005

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