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No Matter by Laura Stamps

what tumbles along the frantic raceway
of each day, no matter what problems
or pressures might bloom or fester,
whenever I look out the window at the
forest, time rolls as slowly as a warm
September breeze ruffling the leaves
of the oak, sunlight emptying its
pockets to fling buckets of gold coins
across milkweed and clover, trout lilies
swaying against switchgrass on an
afternoon when the wind steers a
clouded catamaran through a plotless
sky, and the dragonfly spins twenty-
three rainbows within the metal zipper
of its body. A stray kitten halts her
daily patrol to nibble food from a bowl
perched on crabgrass, a calico tabby,
her coat spackled with mottled dabs
of burnt sienna and slate gray. She
turns as if sensing my gaze from behind
the drapes, as if she might know the
answer to the soul’s quest for the
harmony of being, the perfect answer
to any frazzled question I would ask.

View bio for Laura Stamps Published in Spring and Summer 2005

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