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until silence is a sound by John Sweet

and this is the silence
we call the silence of days
and this is the sound of
each one being nailed to
its own simple cross

the sound of
vapor trails scarring
the face of the sky and then
the sound of the sky itself
like some always expanding scream
until there is only one giant
hum we call silence

do you understand?

any field you walk in
will contain both yourself
and your shadow and
any man you love will
love you only as the mother
of his children

and knowing this
you answer the phone anyway
and the voice is always the voice
of a woman you’ve never met

a sound like
a burning church
in an endless desert and it’s
from these flames that you
hang your heart

it’s in this house that
you pile your bones

room after bitter room until
the silence is a sound
so loud
it swallows everything

View bio for John Sweet Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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