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boy found dead in the river’s veins by John Sweet

february and
the baby is hungry

they are all stoned in
the other room
the sunlight pale and
without heat

but brilliant
like the blind eye of god
and i have begun measuring
my life in failed

have been dreaming of california
and of the holiness that
radiates from the
pacific coast highway
and what i know is the smell
of fear

the golden haze of gasoline
and the name of the boy
found dead in the river’s vein

and no one asks
to be christ here but
the nails are still driven home

there are men who
smile with the sharpened teeth
of animals and
there are the daughters
they rape and i am tired of
hearing that these words
i choose to give you
cannot be poetry

i am tired of the baby’s screams

it was never enough
just believing we would all
become beautiful in some
unforeseeable future

View bio for John Sweet Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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