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Girdl by John Bryan

Hee haw

guilt complex garments
shameless flesh

Your circumference
Leaves me sore, pounding
Against the base of
My cock, love bite, new type

shameless flesh prowling fields

Hee haw

Were - abouts unknown,
The clue is in the fur.

Stromlo forest.
A gothic prop, cardboard trees,
Maintained with wooden planks
From behind. A coven of bagged faces
The heads grown over til the flowers render them
Wind. Carbon dioxide delivered
From wherever you are:
The plan to stop breathing.
I shall hug a tree instead, with
Itching claws.

Hee haw
Hee haw

prowling fields pieces found
butchered screams when word of mouth

I face the day
With my head caved in
After putting my paw
Through the mirror
Because something
Trampled over
My refl

when word of mouth eats descriptions leaving only letters

Hee haw
Hee haw

Crying until the Kraken can't breathe
Summer heads for autumn a leafy ark
Last supper twice during and after
Snot a sweaty octopus
Free fallen nose propulsions
And in the chalice fill up to the brim
For the hot thirst or to be thrown
At a face your one eye open
In sleep, helter welters,
Discontent dries, showered
Onto someone else
It's not what makes us tick
It's what makes you cry
Until you breathe like a proto cephalopod

only letters, the bones of every heart

Hee haw
Hee haw
Hee haw - lways talks like that

View bio for John Bryan Published in Spring and Summer 2005

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