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Nothing But a Gilded Frame by Janet I. Buck

I have assigned you thrones
in canyons of a wish.
Made you into tapestries
of silk and oriental gods.
Growing up without a mother
forced my dream to fill that hole.
Words have noblized your flesh.
It wasn’t here to grate on me.
Send me screaming to my room.

I’ve made you into doves and angels
sitting on a passing cloud.
Turned you into hooks and nails
for artistry imbued with
ache and emptiness attached
to losing heroines who might
have calmed a fitful sea.

My memories debatable,
puffed like whisked
white whipping cream.
Your heart, in the final tally,
was a masterpiece
with nothing but a gilded frame,
clairvoyant glass shining
in compassion rites.
I needed a portrait to hang.

View bio for Janet I. Buck Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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