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This Just Released by Debbie Kirk

the dog broke the leash
and bit the hand
that fed him

then went door to door
barking echoed across the neighborhood
those marked were bitten
and left as an offering

the people
the people are waiting for a reply
an answer
an explanation
for all this bloodshed
and piss that marked
a bull’s-eye shaped

and in every yard
they throw sticks
and wait for them
to come back

but they keep running
having carried that cross
for far too long

Maybe they will form a militia
maybe they will come back
with more than sticks
and then would we have our answer?

Some things can’t be explained.
Other’s can’t be screamed enough

And I know you’re waiting for me to tell you
what happened

but all I can do is point towards the path
of dead chickens
broken bottles
baby shoes
rat tails
and blood

And if you want to have a look
go ahead,
but be sure you remember
how to come back
because personally,
I don’t think you can.

View bio for Debbie Kirk Published in Spring 2004

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