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She Enjoyed the Winds of Change by Daniel Gallik

She said, our nation’s archives
are full of a lot of bullshit.
He didn’t say a word, looked
out the window of their Ohio

City century home. Wife Linda
kept going, I want us to become
a civil body, a political arm of
the Republican party. George

kept his eyes on summer. She
continued, I mean, in the name
of God, we are loyal subjects
of our state. Even though we

are Republicans, we are duty
bound to rebel and form a more
perfect union. There are cross
winds. Our country, I mean,

the one we believe in, is now
nothing but ‘keep the status
kind of America.’ George
asked about lunch. Linda got

him a can of Campbell’s soup
from their kitchen cabinets.
She kept talking as she moved,
I want us to be main beams

in the ship that is our state.
I want us to sail the ship on
the correct path to liberty,
equality and good sorority.

View bio for Daniel Gallik Published in Winter 2005

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