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Sins of Arnold Street by Dan Provost

Robust Flavor from
				    the Whiskey shot and a hearty laugh from the 
				    yellow toothed few who care to run the gauntlet
				    with callused hand and flabby

Their time has run out so many years ago
												   And now
seeing the craggy reflection upon the bar


They will praise their vices with unabashed glee

Each and every day...


I will turn down the road and join them

Them...  The isolated merry
						   drooling on the pale stench that
covers their clothes

Burned semen scattered along the sidewalk--As the well wishers and
dollar droppers
flee and scurry

Away from Arnold Street...

Away from the depths of depravity...

But not me... I will sing the death tune and rise among the swill--And
pray I will live
long enough

To chant another day...
		    Another day apparently alive

View bio for Dan Provost Published in All Poems 1999-2004

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