Half Drunk Muse Poetry


across birds Donna Kuhn
Adventure of Psyche on the Astral Plane Richard Denner
After Years Together Gabriel Welsch
Americana Ricky Garni
Anti-Life John Kidd
Aquarium Kathryn Hawkins
Ariadne Kristy Bowen
Artist Colony Application Lyn Lifshin
the ascension John Sweet
Ashes Janet I. Buck
Athena Considers Dawn Taylor Graham
August Cincinnati Bentley Snow Davis
Barstool Opinion Dan Provost
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Rich Furman
Beginnings David King
Besides the Seagulls… Deborah P. Kolodji
Beta Delta Shelly Reed
Beyond the End James L. Smith
Binary Star Matt Harris
The Black Balloon Gordon Moyer
Black Dust Kurt Moore
Blue Clocked Sun Michael Ladanyi
boy found dead in the river’s veins John Sweet
Camper Van Girls Jalina Mhyana
cariboue dream #1 Larry Kerschner
carver’s bones John Sweet
Casualties of Life Morgan Aine
Changes Greg Rayborn
Chilling Out with the Eclogues Richard Denner
Choice of Passing Jason Fraley
Christmas Tree Lyn Lifshin
Clover Leaf Bar Robert Bohm
Cold Skillets Janet I. Buck
Creation Begins Again T. J. Chapman
Daffodils for Breakfast Ashok Niyogi
The Daily Forecast Mark Thalman
Deer Season Bill Roberts
The Devil’s Peddler Morgan Aine
Diaries Melissa Fiori
The Dipstick Janet I. Buck
Dream of a Street in Heaven Joel Van Valin
Dreams in the Distance Richard Edwards
Driftwood and White Geese Michael Ladanyi
Driving on Greenway Road at Night Joan Biddle
each dog needs a name John Sweet
Electro-Convulsive Therapy Christopher Barnes
Encore Break M. A. Internicola
Encountering Us, Again Michael K. Gause
entropy John Sweet
Eyes Sean McGahey
The Factory of Dead Things William Taylor, Jr.
Falling Caskets James L. Smith
Fencing Ghostly Aperture Janet I. Buck
the film critic Christopher Mulrooney
first poem from the season of fear John Sweet
Five is the Key Richard Denner
For the Kid Whose Loud Music Disturbs Matins Dyan Sandefer
Fragments Richard Denner
From my Empty Bed J. J. Campbell
The Games People Play C. Allen Rearick
The Gates of Rodin D. Garcia-Wahl
Girdl John Bryan
Go Song Richard Denner
Godiva Taylor Graham
The Godless Kathryn Hawkins
Hijacked T. J. Chapman
Home is Where the Heart Is Robert Bohm
Horizontally Folded Sonnet Maurice Oliver
Horoscope Susan Williams
The Horse Latitudes James Lineberger
How I Fool My Critics Prasenjit Maiti
Howlings Jerry Vilhotti
I’m caught deep in the dye of her Arlene Ang
If she were my mother Alyson Dayus
image J. J. Campbell
Imagine Sharks Maurice Oliver
Impact Lisa Zaran
In Lieu of Disguise #5 Maurice Oliver
In Passing James Keane
In the Waiting Room Nicole Steinberg
Ineffectual Dreamer Marissa Ranello
Inspire Christopher Major
Interview with Fanny Howe Justin Taylor
Is the World Really Brown? Alison Eastley
Katalina and Ted Bob Bradshaw
Kochifos Women in Tamarisk Shade Russell Streur
language John Sweet
The Lawnmower Boys at 2 a.m. Theresa Boyar
Left Hands of Men with Right Arms Only Tripp Howell
Leftover Cravings Cynthia Polutanovich
A Lemming, A Pool Slide Toddicus
Let’s Get Real A. D. Winans
The Life Durlabh Singh
Limitations and Lamentations Susan Williams
Losing It John L. Campbell
The Lost Ark Janet I. Buck
The Lost Art of Keeping Taylor Graham
Mail Order Menagerie Shelly Reed
Mandarin Taylor Graham

About HDM

Half Drunk Muse was one of the first poetry ezines. It was founded in 1999 and ceased publication in 2006.

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