Half Drunk Muse Poetry


Spring and Summer 2005

Beginnings David King
Besides the Seagulls… Deborah P. Kolodji
Black Dust Kurt Moore
Daffodils for Breakfast Ashok Niyogi
Dreams in the Distance Richard Edwards
Driving on Greenway Road at Night Joan Biddle
the film critic Christopher Mulrooney
Girdl John Bryan
If she were my mother Alyson Dayus
Ineffectual Dreamer Marissa Ranello
Is the World Really Brown? Alison Eastley
Left Hands of Men with Right Arms Only Tripp Howell
The Lost Art of Keeping Taylor Graham
The Migration Habits of Two Species Phoebe Kate Foster
Myth Melanie Rivera
No Matter Laura Stamps
Overtime Plumber Jnana Hodson
Red Riding Hood Sarah Sorenson
Regimen Martin Brick
Review of Christopher Robin’s Who Will Pay the Royalties for the Voices in My Head Charles Ries
Review of Don Carroll’s Forever Changed Charles Ries
Review of Don Winter’s Things About to Disappear Charles Ries
Review of Ellaraine Lockie’s Finishing Lines Charles Ries
Review of Joseph Farley’s Suckers Charles Ries
Review of Klyd Watkins’s 5 Speed Charles Ries
Review of Michael Kriesel’s Chasing Saturday Night: Poems about Rural Wisconsin Charles Ries
Review of Vinograd & Lerner, eds.‘s New American Underground Poetry Vol. 1 Charles Ries
Rhododendrons in the Redwoods Deborah P. Kolodji
Second Boiling Richard Denner
Steps to Alleviation John Bryan
To My Friend the Narcoleptic Lover Richard Edwards
Unanswered Juliet Cook
A Week Before You Die, You are Singing Erin Elizabeth Smith
Why Too Much Imagination is Too Much Tripp Howell

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Half Drunk Muse was one of the first poetry ezines. It was founded in 1999 and ceased publication in 2006.

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