Half Drunk Muse Poetry


All Poems 1999-2004

Issue archives were not maintained from 1999-2004, so all submissions from that period are archived together.

Adventure of Psyche on the Astral Plane Richard Denner
Anti-Life John Kidd
Ariadne Kristy Bowen
the ascension John Sweet
Ashes Janet I. Buck
Barstool Opinion Dan Provost
Beta Delta Shelly Reed
The Black Balloon Gordon Moyer
boy found dead in the river’s veins John Sweet
cariboue dream #1 Larry Kerschner
carver’s bones John Sweet
Casualties of Life Morgan Aine
Chilling Out with the Eclogues Richard Denner
Clover Leaf Bar Robert Bohm
Cold Skillets Janet I. Buck
Creation Begins Again T. J. Chapman
Deer Season Bill Roberts
The Devil’s Peddler Morgan Aine
The Dipstick Janet I. Buck
Driftwood and White Geese Michael Ladanyi
each dog needs a name John Sweet
Encountering Us, Again Michael K. Gause
entropy John Sweet
The Factory of Dead Things William Taylor, Jr.
Fencing Ghostly Aperture Janet I. Buck
first poem from the season of fear John Sweet
Five is the Key Richard Denner
For the Kid Whose Loud Music Disturbs Matins Dyan Sandefer
Fragments Richard Denner
The Gates of Rodin D. Garcia-Wahl
Go Song Richard Denner
Hijacked T. J. Chapman
Home is Where the Heart Is Robert Bohm
How I Fool My Critics Prasenjit Maiti
Inspire Christopher Major
language John Sweet
Mail Order Menagerie Shelly Reed
March of Reds Richard Denner
Neckties Prasenjit Maiti
no blood no feathers John Sweet
Note to Self #53 William Taylor, Jr.
Nothing But a Gilded Frame Janet I. Buck
Paradise Never Found Dan Provost
Passages I Michael K. Gause
Passages II: A Poet is Born Michael K. Gause
poet as crow/as starving dog/as himself John Sweet
Pop-Tarts Conspiracy Theory Stephanie Scarborough
Postcard from the State of Disaster Richard Denner
The Quality of Anywhere Gary Kane
A Quiver for Ballerina D. Garcia-Wahl
Reflections of Papa Cliff Hightower
Santa Monica Christopher Mulrooney
Second Cousin Edna Lee, or Tuesday Night at the Redmen’s Lodge #257 Valerie MacEwan
Second Helpings Bill Roberts
sex Larry Kerschner
Shoeing Death Janet I. Buck
Sins of Arnold Street Dan Provost
So High You Kissed the Sky Richard Denner
Solstice Kristy Bowen
sort of a landscape Christopher Mulrooney
A Statement from Some Guy on the Train Dan Provost
Through Escher’s Eyes K. D. Harris
until silence is a sound John Sweet
Untitled; September 2000 K. D. Harris
Walker Christopher Major
When Midnight Screams Robert Levin
Wings Doug Tanoury
Yellow Pauses Michael Ladanyi

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