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Richard Denner

Richard Denner

Richard Denner, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and jack of all trades, lives with his elderly mother near Sebastopol, California. He is the impresario of dPress chapbooks, and his Collected Poems: 1961-2000 has been published by Comrades Press.

In addition to the works below, artwork by Richard Denner appeared in Half Drunk Muse.


DPress Chapbooks


Adventure of Psyche on the Astral Plane All Poems 1999-2004
Chilling Out with the Eclogues All Poems 1999-2004
Five is the Key All Poems 1999-2004
Fragments All Poems 1999-2004
Go Song All Poems 1999-2004
March of Reds All Poems 1999-2004
Postcard from the State of Disaster All Poems 1999-2004
Second Boiling Spring and Summer 2005
So High You Kissed the Sky All Poems 1999-2004

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